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This I Believe: Hard Work Can Help You Achieve Anything


This I believe: hard work can help you achieve anything. People often believe others are naturally gifted with outstanding intelligence, physical ability, or the ability to succeed in general. I believe and witness everyday that hard work and passion trumps natural ability every time I walk onto the court and into my classrooms.

Many people spend time complaining about privilege and let their social or financial standing limit their ideas and goals for the future. Most people believe they they will always be stuck in the situation they were born into, and resent others born into a different situation. I believe that no matter where you start, hard work can help you succeed and complete your goals.

My father Harold Whittington started from humble beginnings in Texas, living with his mom, sister, and half-brother. His family faced many hardships in his youth, including a short time of having to live in their family car.

My dad was not in the most opportune situation, but he still worked hard in school and graduated only receiving one ‘B’ throughout his entire school career. He enlisted in the U.S. Army at 18 and slowly climbed through the ranks during his 23 year career. He worked hard and also received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees during that period.

He retired in 2009, and went on to climb the ranks in a government job on Fort Lee. He has helped his wife raise five children and works on projects to make the military better everyday.

Harold Whittington has been one of my major inspirations and one of the reasons I believe anything is possible. He has taught me that I can achieve anything if I work hard enough and focus on bettering myself and my situation.

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