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Participants Prepare For Upcoming Fashion Show


Many different, exciting, and entertaining events take place throughout the school year, and one of the largest and most popular ones is the DECA Fashion Show. The Ninth Annual DECA Fashion Show is currently in the making and in preparation for its debut.

A lot goes into the putting together of the show. The show is directed by Kim Beales, sponsor of DECA and teacher of the fashion and sports marketing classes. 

Her Advanced Fashion Marketing class is responsible for coming up with the theme of the show at the beginning of each year. According to Beales, they usually start with a song and go from there.

“This year, the theme for our show that was chosen is Fashion Forever,” said Beales.

A variety of styles are featured in the fashion show each year from chic to grudge and so on. The clothing themes come from a fashion forecast project that the advanced class completes at the beginning of the school year.

The project is centered on fashion trend watching, thus being the inspiration for the style choices featured. This year’s show will include street wear, athletic wear, formal dress, and dressy-casual styles. 

The fashion show is broken down into scenes, each with one of the different clothing styles above and a different song to match. Artists such as Chris Brown, Rihanna, and Timbaland will be featured in this year’s show.

However, modeling is not the only thing that the participants do. Several of the scenes include dancing as well.

“Dancing adds entertainment to the show. When I was a buyer for Tiffany’s fashion shows, the entertainment always kept my attention more,” said Beales.

Each year the dances are choreographed by students who volunteer their skill. This year the choreographers include seniors Naysha Glover, Breanna Rackley, Kierra Hodges, Imani Thweatt and Tyra Banks.

They split up the dances among themselves and work together to teach them to the dancers that were selected through tryouts.

“Choreography is something that I’ve always wanted to do. The other choreographers for the show are so talented and driven that it pushes me to do better,” Glover said. “The dancers are talented too, and the fact that they try, even though they may not like the dance or think it’s hard, is what will make the fashion show great. It has always been successful in the past, and because of the drive everyone has, it will be great again.”

The dancers practice usually three days a week after school in order to prepare for the show, and the models practice as well. They are taught basic modeling skills like how walk by Beales.

This year, she had a graduate and former fashion participant, Jacqueline Mckay, come back to work with the models as well.

“This is my first year participating in the show so it is a little nerve-racking, but practice is fun. Jacqueline helped motivate us all to be more confident,” said senior Denisha Harris.

This year there are approximately 100 students in total participating. This includes models, which are the largest group, dancers, and backstage helpers. There is also a DJ and commentary done during the show by theatre teacher Daryll Phillips.

“The night of the show is the best part of it all. Seeing the students’ excitement is priceless. With every show there are memories that I always cherish,” said Beales.

The show will be held in the auditorium on Friday, March 31st, at 7:00 PM. Tickets are $5 at the door, but can be purchased for $3 in advance from participants in the show.

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