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Khan Brings Changes To SAT Preparation


As new applications come out in the application store daily, there is a new study application for the SAT. College Board has partnered with the online education company Khan Academy. This application is the product of their partnership.

Students previously have mostly bought self-help books, paid for tutoring, and/or reviewed their old materials from the list of subjects on the SAT.

Khan Academy is a non-profit organization who  provides instructional videos for the kindergarten level to Calculus. College Board is also a non-prof it organization that provides the SAT and helps connect college information to the public.

Khan Academy has received  3.6 out of 5 stars in the Apple store and 4.6 stars in the Google Play store.  As students download the application, local students are reaping the benefits as well.

Junior Addison Wesson first downloaded the application to help him in Pre-Calculus and Chemistry, but now Wesson is starting to use it daily.

“I plan on using this application to study for the SAT I take in March, I’ve taken the PSAT twice, but this is my first SAT,” Wesson said.

Junior Caitlin Abernethy uses the online test to study for the March testing session. She studies about every other day to try and achieve the best score possible.

“My advice would be to focus on your weaknesses, I focus on reading more than math because I am better at math,” Abernethy said.

Scores on your SAT are a serious factor in getting into desired colleges. Some colleges do not require SAT scores, but doing the research on different colleges should let the applicant know whether to take it or not.  Sign up for the SAT at

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