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Podcast: Coach Carr Wraps Up Regular Season With Final Interview



This week’s Triangle In Two podcast includes Coach Carr’s look back at the season, which included some tough battles against the number one ranked team in the state for public schools and the number one ranked team for private schools.

The Conference 12 South 5A tournament starts next week. The Royals will find out who they play on Saturday at the conference coach’s meeting.

Matt: Hello Royals this is Matt Reed here with Coach Carr where we ask him three questions in two minutes. Hello Coach how are you doing today?

Coach Carr: I’m pretty good. How are you?

Matt: Pretty good. Question number one Coach. With a regular season record of 11-10 how do you feel your team has done setting themselves apart from the teams of the past?

Coach Carr: Uh Mattie – absolutely nothing… 11-10 is around the .500 mark and that is what my teams have done the past three years. Unfortunately I thought this team would have done better – they even claimed they’d be better but the record doesn’t show it. I know we put some hard work into it, and there are some games out there that we should’ve won, but didn’t. And the record doesn’t show that – so record why we’ve done nothing different from the past couple years.

Matt: Question number two: How have the tournaments in the season helped prepare you for next week?

Coach Carr: Well you know we scheduled some big time names and some big time tournaments. We played the number one public school in the state. We also played the number one private school in the state. We lost both of those games, but I hope it did something for us for now and into the future so that we are not scared of anybody. We will play anybody any given day – any place, any time.

Matt: Question number three: Who do you play in the first round of the tournament and how will you prepare for them?

Coach Carr: Funny that you ask that. Right now we don’t know who we will play. Right now the official seedings and brackets are not set. There are still a couple of Conference 12 games left to play tonight and tomorrow night. I will not get the official bracket until Saturday morning’s conference coaches’ meeting. So I will get that and post it to Twitter as soon as I get it.

Matt: Thanks Coach.

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