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Podcast: Coach Carr previews Friday’s night game against Dale


Hello this is Matt Reed and welcome to this week’s Triangle in Two podcast where we ask Varsity Boys Basketball Coach Carr three questions in under two minutes.

Matt Reed: Hi Coach Carr, congratulations on defeating Highland Springs last night.

Coach Carr: I appreciate that Matty. It feels good today.

Matt Reed: What did you see in last night’s game that impressed you?

Coach Carr: Well first of all if you know anything about Highland Springs and their history as a perennial power in the area, last night’s win was not only big for last night but it was big going forward for this program. That’s probably one of our program’s biggest wins over a quality program like that in quite a while. The fact of the matter is we came out with some passion and some pride and some fire and guys were making shots. We made 10 three pointers. That is the most three’s we have hit in a couple of seasons. And guys were just on fire last night and it felt good. It was exciting to be a part of. Most of the fans out there just thought we were going to get blown out. Some didn’t even attend the game. Well they missed a great game.

Matt Reed: Second question: you face Thomas Dale tomorrow night, what should the fans be on the lookout for?

Coach Carr: Well first of all they should look for a good game. It’s a rivalry game. We’re back and forth with them all of the time. We opened up the season with a close battle with them down there. We were down by 11 at the half and had a great second half comeback. And came out with a victory. I know Dale will be fired up. Their coaching staff will have them prepared. It is going to be a battle tomorrow night on a Friday.

Matt Reed: Third question: what are some of the things that you do in preparation as you face teams on the second run through the schedule?

Coach Carr: We pride ourselves in being prepared. On a first go around you don’t know but so much until you play them. And then once you get to know your opponent and get them on film… we get in the lab and get prepared.

Matt Reed: Thank you Coach Carr – the boys are at home against Thomas Dale tomorrow at 7:15 pm. Come out and support the Royals.

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