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Podcast: Coach Carr looks ahead to Colonial Heights


On this week’s Triangle in Two podcast with Coach Travis Carr, reporter Matt Reed asks Coach Carr about the upcoming game Friday night against rival Colonial Heights.

Matt Reed: Hello Royals and welcome to this week’s Triangle In Two podcast. I’m Matt Reed and I am here with Coach Carr where we ask him three questions in under two minutes.

Question number one: Your varsity basketball squad beat their rival Thomas Dale in a close 55-52 victory. What contributed to this victory?

Coach: Well first of all Matty, hello to you and all of the Royal fans out there. It’s Wednesday. I know it is a long week. You know we don’t have any games until Friday. It used to be exam week. Things have changed and it feels a little weird not having half days and exams this week. But you know we are going to move forward. Last Friday was a big game and a big win. It was a close battle and both teams played well and played some great defense. Luckily we had a stop there at the end. They had a shot at the end to tie it. But our defense stepped up at the end and we got the close victory.

Matt: With the team defeating Highland Springs and Thomas Dale, how do you plan on continuing this winning streak?

Coach Carr: True. Last week was a big week for us. We had three games and we wanted to win all three but we did get two wins out of it. Highland Springs being a big one and of course against our rival Thomas Dale. We are going to take that as a springboard to this week even though we only have one game, we are going to use it. Hopefully we can go over there with a great student section. They usually have a great student section and it is fun to see them battling throughout the game.

Matt: With the season coming to an end, how do you plan on making a push towards the playoffs?

Coach Carr: The season is coming quickly to an end. And it always goes like that – it goes fast. And here at the end we have a bunch of games because of the snow. And next week we actually have four games in four days. We play Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. That is going to be a tough test for us. We are built for it – we have been working out during the summer and off season. So we should be prepared.

Matt: Thanks coach and good luck tomorrow against Colonial Heights.

Coach Carr: Thank you Matty and the game is on Friday.

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