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Marching Band Garners Superior Rating


As the band students of Prince George work hard to provide music for the school events, they also have their own goal to work towards. The PGHS band program has recently won the Superior Rating.

Sophomore Airum La Santa, a member of the band program, was quite excited about the results.

“The band superior rating was a big surprise to us because we worked really hard towards it,” said La Santa.

The band superior rating is a state assessment which rates performances on a scale of one out of five; one being the highest and five suggesting improvement. Prince George is proud to have received a rating of one.

Ever since the first few weeks of school, the band has been training during and after school to receive this honor. The work and dedication put forth by the students really paid off for the students.

“Winning made our appreciation for music higher because we played really hard songs and it made us be more outstanding.” said La Santa.

“We appreciate what we did more because we won the superior rating,” said freshman Megan Mutter.

Winning the title was a major confidence booster for the members. However, there is still more to be done according to the band. With lots of practice, the band hopes to keep achieving their goals.

“We need more practice and to keep concentrating on working hard towards it,” said Mutter.

They believe that with more practice then they can achieve the rating again. The excitement runs through the students and the appreciation for music has spiked amongst the band for the chance to succeed further.

“I was very happy about the band superior rating,” said sophomore Maria Ignacio Cuevas.

Ignacio goes into depth about what it really took to receive such an honor.

“It took a lot of practice and we would run over sets over and over again until we got it,” said Ignacio Cuevas.

The band’s determination and appreciation for the music keeps the group working hard. The thirst to acquire the title again inspires the group to keep pushing hard to stay at their best.

“We need to keep practicing until we can get it again,” said Ignacio Cuevas.
The marching band teacher Michael Warnock is quite impressed by the band’s performance.

“I loved getting the superior rating. It was a lot of fun to teach it and it was a lot of fun for the kids to perform it. I was quite proud of them,” said Warnock.

The effect on the students gave a whole new feeling to their music. The superior rating was a booster to keep playing music.
“It [the superior rating] energized them, they were really happy. They want to be successful,” said Warnock.

In the future Warnock plans to work hard with the students to gain the title title again.

“It’s going to be a lot of hard work. We just need to keep working hard,” said Warnock.

With practices starting in the summer, the band plans to keep working hard and pushing to do their best.

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