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Senator Tim Kaine Campaigns In Richmond


Tonight’s Democratic Rally at Huguenot High School was a homecoming for Tim Kaine, who addressed the crowd of supporters around 7 PM. His wife Anne Holton, former VA Secretary of Education, introduced Kaine and briefly spoke about the last two weeks since her husband received word that he would be on the Clinton ticket.

Kaine started off by commenting about how thankful he is to have his wife as his best friend and partner. He told the audience that this would be his most important speech, as he was talking to his Richmond friends and neighbors.

He continued by talking about the road ahead and the party’s agenda. He also spoke about his disappointment in Donald Trump’s actions, by reinforcing the idea that Trump is the “You’re Fired!” candidate, while Hillary is the “You’re Hired!” candidate.

One protester was escorted out during Holton’s speech, but no outcries occurred during Kaine’s speech, which roughly lasted 45 minutes. In addition, some of the crowd of 2,500 became overheated, and one attendee was taken out during the event on a stretcher, as temperatures rose in the gym.

Kaine urged the attendees to get out the vote, insisting that he told President Obama that Virginia was worth fighting for back in 2008. Kaine will be back in Virginia on October 4th in Farmville, VA, for the Vice-Presidential debate.

Photos by Kattie Iwanski, Mavaney Keel, and Carlee Lively.

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