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Governor Mike Pence Visits VA Beach


Republican Vice Presidential nominee Mike Pence campaigned in VA Beach on August 4th at the Founders Inn located on Regent University’s campus.

The speech was the second of the day he would have to give after visiting Raleigh, NC, in the morning and stopping in Norfolk, VA, later in the evening.

After recognizing all of the veterans in the room at the onset, Pence quickly started to address the issues of the week with the room of supporters. He corrected the notion that the campaign was in trouble according to the mainstream media. He also attacked recent decisions in foreign relations.

“We won’t put a price on American lives,” Pence said in reference to the information that recently came out about the $400 million to Iran as hostages have been released.

Pence continued by mentioning what his running mate will do as the next president. According to Pence, Trump will improve our military and economy.

“Trump will stand up to our enemies, and he will stand up to ISIS,” said Pence. He criticized Obama and Clinton by stating, “this is not the best we can do, its the best they can do.”

Pence at times was very critical of Hillary Clinton, but never encouraged the negative responses from the crowd so often associated with the Trump rallies. In fact, the audience reacted with enthusiasm to Pence’s statements but rarely booed or chanted throughout the 45 minute talk.

Pence made the military and veteran affairs the center of his talk. At the end, the more soft-spoken Pence also offered the hope that there is much that will unite America in the coming months.

Ultimately he concluded by suggesting that the choice in November will come down to choosing a candidate that has everyone’s back, and that, Pence says is Trump.

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