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Baseball On Pace To Break Season Win Record


As left handed batter, junior Justin Nase, steps up to the plate, the only goal in mind is to drive the ball left; the goal to win.

“We are going into every game like we still have something to prove. We are playing like we’re still fighting for the number one spot,” Nase said.

This year’s team also has plenty of experience, with 4 seniors, 7 juniors, and 5 sophomores.

Every team’s goal is to win, but dedication and hard work mixed with skills are many factors to achieving this.

The team that only has regular conditioning and practices throughout baseball season. they also have a 10 game fall season known as fall ball.

The team also completes winter workouts mixed in with weight training during the winter months, this helps the players stay in peak condition for the upcoming season.

Chemistry is also a big factor that teams can take use to their advantage.

Baseball from PGTV NEWS on Vimeo.

“This team has more depth than teams in the past. The team chemistry is very good with this group of players,” Head Coach Mickey Roberts said. “I believe everyone on this team understands their role and how they fit into our team.”

Every player on a team has a role, a little piece in the puzzle, to add character and skills.

Players bring a lot of variety and different personalities. Teams merge together to make one big unit.

“We’re successful for one main reason, our team is a family. We all get along and love playing with each other,” Nase said.

Chemistry of a team also can leads to better communication. Communication in return can help the team connect and cheer each other on.

Skills. Another essential factor to a successful team and season. Skills develop after years of practice and experiences. They can make or break a team.

“Offensively, we are better this year. In past years, we would have two or three guys who were legitimate threats at the plate. This year, we have six or seven guys who can get the job done at the plate,” Roberts said.

Batting line-up is a key aspect of the game as well. A lot of strategy goes into the planning of this meticulous line-up.

With the season ahead looking promising for the boys, they seemed to be untouchable.

Then, it was time to refocus on the game. “…baseball is a funny game anything can happen at any moment.” Nase said.

Going 13-0 for the first half of the season, the team suffered their first lost against Matoaca, 3-2. The game was hard fought but the royals could not capitalize against the Warriors.  

“Losing helped us realize we are beatable. We have to be ready for any and everything,” junior outfielder Tucker Majetic said.

With the team is always full of energy when winning the feeling of losing the first game left a bitter feeling in the Royal’s mouths.  

The Baseball team may have had a speed bump in the road but they do not plan to let it slow them down. They plan on focusing on having good batters, fast and smarter base runs, and executing plays in the field.

“Being on the PG baseball team means a lot. Coach Roberts has built a reputation that’s heard around the country,” Nase said. “It’s amazing to be apart of he has accomplished and what the team has achieved.”


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