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Foreign Language Classes Host Taste of Culture Event


With delectable foreign dishes and the opportunity to try new foods, Prince George High School held their annual Taste of Culture event on April 14th 2016. About 220 students are attending this year from the three foreign language classes offered at PGHS.

Students that are enrolled in a foreign language were invited to the event and had to choose a recipe from the countries where the language they are taking is spoken.

“I really enjoy the enthusiasm that the Taste of Culture generates,” French teacher Kandie Bradshaw said. “I try to sample my students’ dishes because they are proud of their accomplishment.”

Recipes were prepared and then shared in the commons for classmates to sample. 

The countries where one speaks French, German, and Spanish were the cultures represented at the Taste of Culture.

French speaking countries include parts of Africa, Belgium and of course France.  The Hispanic culture has many diverse ethnic cultures represented from Spain, central and South America and the islands of the Caribbean.

“I am very proud of my student’s participation and remark that the food is not only tasty, but beautifully presented,” Bradshaw said.

Teachers do not prepare dishes but often ask students for their recipes to make on their own time.

Students can chose any recipe from a country where their language is spoken.  It can be desserts, appetizers, dinner food, breakfast food, or anything that they chose to.  Teachers approved recipes before the event to make sure there are not any repeats of dishes.

Sophomore Courtney Smith and Junior CeCe Ivy attended the cultural event.

“I was looking forward to hanging out with my friends and eating lots of food. I prepared a dish called beignets, it is a French pastry made from fried dough,” Smith said.

Smith’s recipe is one of her favorites and she enjoys making it on her own time for her family and friends.

Smith took into account what dish would be easiest to make for a numerous amount of people as well as what seems like most people would want to try.

Ivy also made a French dessert, chocolate eclairs, because it is one of her family’s favorite.  She has been to the taste of culture before and enjoys the atmosphere of the event.

“I see what all the different dishes are because it is food I don’t normally eat,” Ivy said. “Then I eat a lot, especially the deserts.”

This event was a great way to showcase foods from all different cultures from countries where students take foreign languages from.

“I looked forward to being with my friends and eating food that goes with our different languages,” Ivy said.

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