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Different Apps Use Similar Methods to Connect Friends


Social media websites are used for sharing and connecting moments with people whom one does not typically see on a day-to-day basis. Over the past few years, many new social media sites have been added to people’s lives. Social media sites including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter all have similar features to allow users to share and connect with friends easily.

“[On Facebook] you can save pictures without having to screenshot them, that’s probably the best part about Facebook,” sophomore, Natalie Lobdell, said.

Being able to save pictures on Facebook is not the only thing that makes Facebook different, it makes it simple to add friends and block unwanted people. Though Facebook has been around longer than the more recent social media sites, it is not a big hit with children and teens today.

“I don’t ever go on [Facebook]; I only use it for the messaging app,” sophomore, Kiva Brazier, said.

Unlike Facebook, Twitter is a really big hit amongst teens. Twitter makes following, posting and tweeting easy and fast. This form of social media makes it doable to tweet out thoughts throughout the day.

“Twitter allows you to quickly communicate with friends; it also keeps you up to date with different things going on in the world,” Brazier said.

Another big social media site is Instagram. One can share a special moment with his followers by posting a picture along with a caption.

“You get to post pictures that people don’t see that only you see and you can share the stories that have lived.” Lobdell said.

Though some social media sites are losing their popularity, there are new apps that are being developed to allow people to connect with one another.

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