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This I Believe: There Is One Special Person For Everyone


When our car pulled up to my grandparents driveway every Sunday afternoon, I would see the two of them in their rocking chairs on the porch, gossiping about the latest news. I would then jiggle the latch on the gate that never seemed to want to open and made my way up the porch steps to be greeted by the sweet sound of wind chimes while the hummingbirds gently grazed on the bird feeders.

I would occasionally hear the story of when my grandparents journey began. They were married on July 10, 1947 and had four kids living with them in a three bedroom house.

Being married for 67 years caused their love to take many forms. I remember sitting in the living room and hearing my grandma yell, “Alvin! Bring me a plate of cornbread!” “Did you take your breathing treatment today?” “Go get me a blanket Alvin it’s freezing.” Even though he was in poor health, he didn’t mind doing it because his love for her was stronger than the pain he was in.

Around the middle of June, my grandma went into the hospital due to heart problems, and was not doing well. A few days later, on June 25, 2014, my grandfather passed away due to old age, but I believe it was because he was so worried about my grandma in the hospital, his heart could not take it.

When my grandma learned the news, one could only imagine the emotions she was feeling. She never wanted to go back to their house without him being there.

Visiting my grandma in the hospital after that was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. Every time I would walk in the room I would see her tear stained face as she reminisced of all the memories of their love.

It then became obvious to the doctors that her health could no longer be replenished with heart surgeries or special diets. On July 7th, she passed away in the hospital due to heart complications, three days before their wedding anniversary.

Their love was so strong that it took them away together. I believe there is one special person for everyone, you just have to be lucky enough to find them.

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