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Harrell Twins Make Transition To New Sport


At the high school, there is an array of athletic events to participate in and it comes as no surprise that the student body may take part in more than one sport.

Junior twins Abby and Alexis Harrell are no exception; when scheduling became a conflict, they took the opportunity to expand their horizons, from the field, to the court.

“The summer was busy, so we felt like we weren’t ready because we didn’t go to any [field hockey] conditioning,” said Alexis. “So when school started we wanted to play, and we been playing basketball since we were seven, so we tried out for basketball.”

They both feel that the transition to basketball was not one of much difficulty.

“I been playing all kinds of sports since I was little,” said Alexis.

It does provide, however, a new environment that the girls are not all entirely used to yet.

“Basketball is definitely a new transition, it’s a new experience, especially since we are playing for the school,” said Abby.

The sisters have set their personal goals for the season, and are determined to meet their expectations.

“[I wish] to become a better player overall and to improve on offense,” said Alexis.

As in all sports, cooperation is key to success for the program and lead to movement forward as a team. In a sport like Basketball, teamwork is especially important.

“[My goal is] to communicate on offense and defense, and gel together as a team,” Abby said.

On the matter of field hockey, it appears that both girls agree they will be back on the field come next season. But with the basketball season in currently, the girls will try their best to focus on this sport.

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