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Seniors Dominate Powderpuff

Senior Amiracle Powell carries the ball in the Powderpuff game against the junior. Seniors won the game in overtime.

On Monday November 23rd, the junior and senior girls met in what would become the closest powderpuff game in Prince George High School history.

In the first quarter, senior Sarah Tinker ran in for a 7 yard touchdown after a long drive by the seniors. But on the first play of the juniors ensuing drive, Melissa Harris rumbled for an 70 yard touchdown to tie the game 7-7. The game continued into the second quarter still tied. Then, with 4 minutes left in the first half, Senior Sarah Tinker rolled out to pass the ball, but saw no one open. With the defending juniors right behind her, Tinker tucked the ball and sprinted down the sideline for a 46 yard gain to put the seniors on the 7 yard line. The next play, Senior Amiracle Powell scampered into the endzone to take the lead 13-7. This would be the last score of the half, as the girls from both teams rested for a short 10 minute break while the guys performed a show for the audience.

The Juniors received the ball first in the third quarter, looking to tie the game once again and gain momentum. Junior Kendall Eaton completed a 34 yard pass to her receiver Jayla Windley to get the juniors down to the 38 yard line. Then on the next play, Eaton caught the snap and handed it off to running back Cassidy Wilkerson. Wilkerson took the handoff, made three seniors miss and beat the others down the sideline for a score to tie the game at 13-13. The game would take a defensive turn at this moment and things would get a lot more suspenseful. On the next drive, the seniors were stopped on fourth down and the juniors took possession in great field position. But as quarterback Kendall Eaton dropped back to pass, senior Deijha Villagomez anticipated her decision and jumped in front of the ball for an interception to give the seniors the ball back. Senior quarterback Sarah Tinker completed a long pass to receiver Abigail Pannill and got the ball down to their opponents 22 yard line. On the next play, Sarah Tinker would look to run to her right, and suddenly reverse field and run left and beat all the junior girls down the sideline for a 22 yard touchdown to take the lead once again. At the end of the third, the seniors stood with a commanding seven point lead and momentum, leading 20-13.

Going into the fourth and final quarter, the seniors made a defensive stop and looked to score again to put the game away. But as Sarah Tinker dropped back to complete another long pass, junior safety Alexis Caul jumped in front of the throw for an interception and took the ball down to their own 40 yard line with 3 minutes left in the game. Quarterback Kendall Eaton would then punch the ball in for a 60 yard rushing touchdown to tie the game 20-20. This would take the game into overtime, where the seniors would eventually pull away for the last minute win.

“I was excited that we won, even though it was a really close game. We worked hard at practice, had a lot of fun, and in the end we came out with the win,” Senior Sarah Tinker said.

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