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Prince George Annual Tree Lighting


December 7th was this years annual tree lighting. During this family friendly event there were many performances like dancing performed by Gotta DANCE! School of Performing arts, the military band, and Jessica Beaudet singing the gift. There was also a special guest of Santa and one of his reindeer. Kids teens and adults of all ages came out to watch this Christmas tradition.

Tree Lighting from PGTV NEWS on Vimeo.

“We have all different groups here performing singing so its all for the family,’ said Debbie lafland the special event coordinator for Prince George Parks and Recreation “,and that what christmas is about.”

Even though this is Lafland’s 16th year of doing the christmas tree lighting, the happiness the tree lighting gives to the people makes the coldness worth it.

This year was Katie Helm’s fourth year dancing for Gotta DANCE

“I love them honestly [dance team] I love performing out here performing in front of there nice Prince George people the are truly and genuinely nice people”

This year, the military band showed up to perform for the first time. They played manny hits including ‘baby its cold outside’ which was the crowds favorite.

“It was absolutely worth it we’ll endure the elements to make sure that we go out and perform for the public”


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