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Role Reversal Game of Powder Puff


As Nov. 23rd approaches, junior and senior girls practice for the age-old school tradition of the Powder Puff football game. Powder Puff is the role reversal of your traditional Friday night football game. Girls are given the task of participating as the football players while boys cheer them on as dancers and cheerleaders.

“Ultimately the purpose is for charity, everything goes to the food bank, so you can either pay to get into the game or you can bring canned goods in and whatever money is brought in goes to the food bank,” said Allison Heath, senior class sponsor and Powder Puff organizer.

Out of all the girls who entered their names in the drawing, twenty-five junior and twenty-five seniors are picked at random.

“Despite the rumor that it is all rigged and we already picked all the people, we actually did the little draft in the library this year. It was the first time so that the kids could actually see us drawing the names,” Heath said. 

Powder Puff Draft from PGTV NEWS on Vimeo.

This year’s juniors are Kiara Hodge, Hayleigh Smith, Dyazia Littlejohn. Milissa Harris, Maria Bucciarelli, Zya Boyd, Brianna Hersh, Jahnay Rouson, Whitney Hill, Mackenzie Roberts, Grace Williams, Kiara Anderson, Kayla Walker, Jade Tyler, Margan Kei, Sydney Jacobs, Lexie Ramirez, Kendall Tison, Karah Easterling, Ciggy Bright, Kendall Eaton, Lilliauna Hopkins, Raishawna Cooper, Nakail Gee, and Jala Wndley.

This year’s seniors are Addison Clary, Ebony Sefu, Najah Jackson, Deijha Villagomez, Rebecca Mckay, Brittany Mosher, Alexis Lyons, Brooke Fisher, Mone Stevens, Lauren Dankenbring, Tiffany Brunson, Gianei Lewis, Ariel Martinez, Roshaunda Green, Amiracle Powell, Jasmine Washington, Erica Wilson, Lisa Cleveland, Savannah Martin, Gabriella Font, Alexis Dennis, Markeisha Young, Izzy Breeding, Lizette Flores, and Emily Leonard.

“I think Powder Puff is just a deeply rooted tradition here at the school and I think the girls just like to get out there and show that they are just as tough as the boys,” Heath said.

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