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Podcast: The Blitz with Jackie Bradley, Jr.


This week noted alumnus and Boston Red Sox Jackie Bradley, Jr. visited his alma mater and spoke with sports editor Madison Strang. Listen here to the podcast:

Madison Strang: We’re here with Jackie Bradley, Jr…. why did you come back to PG?

JBJ: Umm PG is where I went to high school. It’s like home. I wanted to stop by and see some familiar faces… see some teachers who have obviously shaped my life and whoever else I could run into. I’ve run into some great people here as well.

Madison Strang: Alright, how did the season go?

JBJ: It went well. It was definitely a season of highs and lows just like every other season. But it was definitely a learning year and hopefully next year we can keep pushing to the ultimate goal which is a World Series.

Madison Strang: Thank you for your time.

JBJ: Anytime.


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