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Graphic Arts Preps Success


As the school year has just begun, students are enjoying the many classes that the high school has to offer. In further details, the Graphic Arts Class has sparked much interest at the high school by offering new opportunities for students to be successful in their future.

Having exposure and experience gives students a great chance to get a head start on their future career, if wishing to pursue a profession in this field of work. It also gives students a chance to gain as much knowledge as they can while still attending high school, which gives students a jump start if wishing to attend college.

“Originally called the Print Program , the class has been here at the high school since the opening, but it has been greatly modernized/revamped. The class is an entrepreneurship of printing. It is basically project based learning,. We are also learning how to Photoshop, and we use InDesign”, Graphic Arts Teacher Matthew Weston said.

The high school first opened in the 1978-1979 school year, which also started the printing program or the Graphic Arts class. As said previously, the program has been greatly modernized by now having access to many programs such as InDesign, which is used by professionals. On the other hand, the Graphic Arts class also focuses on the theory behind graphics and printing, which gives further knowledge and experience to students.

“I have built this program up since I’ve first started at the high school. I teach sophomores, juniors, seniors and occasionally some freshman.” “I also teach third, sixth, seventh, and fifth block. My fifth block is double booked, I’ve had a surplus of students, my fifth block has some of my level two students”, Teacher Matthew Weston said.

The surplus of students is significant progress for the Graphic Arts class. This adds insight that many students are interested in learning more about photography and graphic design. This also suggests that students are interested in hands-on experience which would be beneficial in the future.

“I don’t necessarily encourage all students to take this class, but I promote it to people who have a great interests in this field of work. Especially the ones who wish to go to college to major in Photography and Graphic Design. I highly encourage exposure”, Weston Said.

In further details, students that are interested in pursuing a further career in Photography and Graphic Design are encouraged to take this class to provide them with much experience as possible. This class is able to give students all the right exposure to succeed in college. More so, the class serves as a source of knowledge, which is significant for all students, not just those that aren’t interested in pursuing a career in photography or graphic design. It also looks good on college applications to have already have experience for the field of work you are anticipating to major in. However, students that have no desire to further their career of photography and graphic design are still welcome to take the class.

“I really like this class! Especially when it comes to creating new things, like T-shirts, car details, bags, and key chains. I also think this class is great exposure for someone who wants to pursue a career in this. I highly encourage my peers to take this class”, junior Allison Strawser said.

In addition, Strawser also loves the free atmosphere that the class has to offer. Being that Allison has this class everyday for fifth period, it is something to look forward to. Socializing and sharing project work with others in the class is also a reason why Strawser loves the class. In the end, it is beneficial to see how everything is created, and the dynamics behind things seen in stores or on the internet.

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