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Quincy Cunningham Scores 1000 Career Points

Quincy scored his 1,000th point during the Fort Lee Invitational tournament over winter break. Photo by Matteo Reed.
Quincy scored his 1,000th point during the Fort Lee Invitational tournament over winter break. Photo by Ronnie Dayvault.

Breaking school and personal records and leaving a legacy are signs of accomplishments. Over winter break at the Times Dispatch Invitational Tournament, senior Quincy Cunningham scored his 1,000th point in his high school career.

“It feels great to achieve these accomplishments my senior year,” Cunningham said. “When I’m on the court, I try my hardest to be the best player I can. It takes a lot of practice and hard work to achieve goals like this.”

Teamwork is naturally a key component in a team sport. You have to trust your team and have your teams support. Cunningham has been on the basketball team for years so he has had numerous teammates.

“Without Coach Carr and the other coaches helping me out, then I could not have done this,” Cunningham said. “My teammates have been there for me for a long time. Having the team and coaches help me through the way meant a lot.”

Junior Cory Hill has been on the basketball team the same amount of time as Cunningham. Hill and Cunningham have been friends and teammates for years.

“It was great to see Quincy achieve such a big accomplishment,” Hill said. “I played basketball with him for years. There was one time that instead of being on the court as teammates, we were opponents.”

Senior year has proven to be a great year for Cunningham. While at the Times Dispatch Invitational, Cunningham also won the slam-dunk contest and received free Bojangles for life, two VCU basketball tickets, a box of Bojangles supplies, and two $50 gift cards.

“It was very shocking when I won the slam dunk contest,” Cunningham said. “I had confidence in myself, but I was surprised when I was announced as the winner. Overall, it was a great experience for me and my team.”

Cunningham’s accomplishments could motivate the team to do better not only as a whole, but it could inspire each individual player.

“His accomplishment makes me strive to do better,” Hill said. “My performance on the court will most likely change so that I can be like Quincy and make it to the 1,000th point club.”

While Cunningham’s accomplishment is great for a high school player, Cunningham has more goals in sight.

“I would say that my future goals are to win the conference championship and go on to states and win that championship,” Cunningham said. “I would also like to go to college and play at the college of Virginia Weslyn. After college I would like to make it to the NBA and go pro and be remembered wherever I play by leaving my own legacy.”

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