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This I Believe: People can change

Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 12.14.45 AMThis I believe that people can change, that we can experience things and they turn us into something that we may not understand. Things happen everyday that can cause a change within us, yet it is how we handle the change that shows who we are as an individual. What we do with this change cannot only change us, but can also spark a change among others.

When I was in the 5th grade, my mother became sick. She was in the hospital on and off for six years, and I soon had to learn how to care for myself and others in order to get by. I was forced to help my mom throughout the day because my father worked more in order to cover the medical expenses. I learned independence, courage, bravery, and the importance of caring for others in order to make the life around my family easier.

So many people think they understand hardships, but one has never experienced pain until they witness slowly watching their almost mother slip away, and become incapable of living her previous life that everyone was used to. You learn to appreciate all that people have done for you, as one day they may no longer be able to do those things for you. I learned the importance of putting my faith in God during hard times, just as my mother did. When many others would have turned away from God in spite because of what happened to her, my mother knew the importance of putting her faith in him in order to remain strong. This changed me forever, and deepened my faith in God. Once your faith is put inside of him, you will notice a change within you, that can only come about from the work os his hands. People go through awful things everyday, and walk out of the situation with less faith in God, but the truly strong ones, walk out with more. We are forced as individuals to choose which path will better as a person, and after we make this choice, we must never look back.

Evil is an inescapable force throughout the world, No one can ever lead the perfect life, and throughout it, something will happen that will change you forever. It could change your view on someone, your opinions, your reverence, and many other things. Through my faith I have learned the importance of having faith in the world and mankind that they will walk out of situations for the better, but I cannot make the decision for them. In the end, those people walk away from the situation with two choices. They can walk away from the situation with either a negative or positive perception of the world. People can change, for the better. This I believe.

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