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Ric Flair, Wrestling Superstars To Appear At Fundraiser


Prince George High School has held some big events including prom, pep rallies, sporting events or the homecoming dance. The event that is happening on March 1st, 2014 is one of the biggest events to ever happen here according to coach David Emory who has arranged for Big Time Wrestling Presents: One Night with the Nature Boy Ric Flair.

“The event is great publicity for the county,” Emory said. “There are wrestling fans and people who aren’t wrestling fans from all around the tri-cities including Chesterfield, Dinwiddie and further places in the state that are attending.”

The money that is raised at the event goes to the Prince George baseball and wrestling teams. The money helps to pay for uniforms, entry fees for tournaments and more items that they need.

Big Time Wrestling owner and promoter Bob Sacamano is the other person responsible for bringing Big Time Wrestling here.

“I knew Coach Emory was looking for an idea for a fundraiser for the school and he knew that wrestling was popular and he decided that he wanted to bring Ric Flair to the area,” Sacamano said.

“When you come out to Big Time Wrestling, you can expect a mix of everything you’ve ever seen in wrestling! We’ve got something for the grandfather to the 10 year old that watches it now. You’ll see legends, you’ll see girls, and you’ll see young hungry wrestlers looking to make a name for them selves. It’ll be the biggest wrestling show to ever hit Prince George,” Sacamano said.

Although here have been wrestling events in Prince George before, the company that is hosting the event is out of Boston, Massachusetts. They have been to Maryland and West Virginia this is their first time in Virginia

“This is our debut in Virginia, we’ve been to Maryland and West Virginia, but this is our first time in Virginia, and we’re hoping to raise some money for the school,” Sacamano said.

“We are looking to come back twice a year,” Sacamano said. ”The factor that makes us different from any other wrestling promotion is that our shows have a magnitude of wrestlers that you’ve watched over the past 20 years on television, and not only do they wrestle, but you get up close and personal and meet them before the event.”

“The meet and greet that starts at 5 PM will not only consist of Ric Flair, Vader and Matt Hardy but it will let you meet and take photos will all the Big Time Wrestling superstars,” Sacamano said. “For Ric Flair, Matt Hardy and Vader there is a price you will have to pay to get a photo with them and an autograph from them. To take a picture and have Ric Flair autograph an item would cost you $70.00 and that’s because your not just going to see someone like Ric Flair walk into the school.

The same package deal consists of Vader and Matt Hardy, however Vader’s package deal is not the same price, same goes for Matt Hardy. The Vader package deal is $30.00 and the Matt Hardy package deal is $15.00. Big Time Wrestling Presents: One Night With The Nature Boy Ric Flair on Saturday March 1st, 2014. The pro wrestling action will start at 7 p.m.

Sophomore Tim Jones is a big fan of Ric Flair and is considering coming to the event.

“I watched Ric Flair ever since I was a little kid. Ric Flair is one of the greatest of all time,” Jones said. “The event makes me love being a fan. The reason I am going to the event is more than just going to see Ric Flair but I am going to the event because it would be my first live pro wrestling show. What better way than to tell my family and friends that the first wrestling show  I went to  was when Ric Flair attended.”

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