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Cheerleaders Transition to New Season

Junior Shataya Titus and sophomore Lisa Cleveland hype up the crowd at half-time at the home game against Matoaca January 10. Photo by Tiana Kelly.

In November of 1898, the very first cheer squad was created. It was for the University of Minnesota. Cheerleading goes way back, and is a big part  of all sports. Here in Prince George, it’s mainly basketball and football. The question is, which does the Cheerleaders like to cheer for more?

Junior Alyssa Jordan cheers for both football and basketball. This is her third year doing this.

“I like cheering for football better because I like football better,” Jordan said.

Jordan was a gymnast for ten years, then she decided she wanted to try something new.

“I enjoy performing in front of people, and being the center of attention,” She said.

Sophomore Jaria Miller cheers for just basketball. Miller has been cheering for two years now.

“I only cheer for basketball, because it’s indoors, it’s warm, and it’s nice to see my friends from Dinwiddie and Matoaca. In my opinion, basketball cheerleading is not better than football cheerleading. You get to see everyone at the football games. I don’t cheer for football because I like to hang out at the games,” Miller said. ” Cheerleading gives me confidence. I feel like I’m on top of the world.”

Senior Alexandria Wiseman cheers for just the football season. During her freshman year, she cheered for both football and basketball.

“I stopped cheering for basketball, because I started wrestling,” She said.

When she cheered for both seasons, she  preferred football.

“I like it better, because it feels more organized and it’s just more fun. In basketball, no one can hear you.”

She has been cheering for 12 years.

“I love everything about about cheering, the stunting, getting close to everyone on the team, and just having close bonds,” Wiseman said.

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