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Step Team Returns Under New Leadership


By Nicole Daly, Grace Burch, Jessie Chiasson, Jessica Rodgers, and Jordan Vick

After two years of no leadership, motivated students at Prince George High School started a new step team, and now it is stronger than ever. Captain Nikki Nielson talks about how she took initiative and started this new team.

“Me, Lyric, and Dominique got together and we had to get a petition (signed),” Nielson said. “One thing I like about the team is it becoming a family – because a lot of people didn’t speak to one another prior to being on the step team.And a lot of us are coming closer and getting to know each another.”

“I take what I have seen from my parents and use  that leadership to lead these girls,” Nielson said.

Dr. Terry Johnson, the sponsor of the step team, has had experience in the stepping arena before.

“The step team utilizes rhythm, beats, dance steps, and  lyrics in some way. It has some marching in it and some drill too,” Johnson said. “When you put them all together, it becomes an art.”

The team performed at the pep rally and accepts invitations to perform at events. They plan to perform in the spring, as well as upcoming basketball events. Many of the team members have strong reasons for why they enjoy stepping.

“It’s just powerful – the movement and the noise,” senior Lyric Fierson said.

“I love the beat, the hand movement, and how it all comes together, ” senior Dominique Gray said.

“It’s a team out there together performing what we all like to do,” senior Darius Hardy said.

“We rep PG. We are the hypest part about it,” senior Keasha Clairmont said. “That’s all I can say.”



Step Team Returns With New Leadership from PGTV NEWS on Vimeo.

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