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PGHS Alumni Return to Speak About College

By Danielle Marshall

Alumni Malikah Williams and Carrie Young look on as students ask them questions about college life. Several alumni return every January to talk to students about their experiences as freshmen. Photo by Danielle Marshall

On Friday, eight alumni returned to share their college experiences from their first semester as freshmen. They discussed what it was like to live with roommates, deal with student loans, and they also gave tips when first starting out in college. They also shared some tips for how to make the most of the time left as a high school student at Prince George.

“Now I am ahead with credits, I have taken the classes that some freshmen haven’t,” alumni Carrie Young said.

These alumni came from various colleges, from Brown University in Massachusetts to James Madison University here in Virginia, to give the students a range of perspectives on college experiences. Audience members included not only seniors, but juniors and sophomores as well.

Gifted Coordinator and AP English teacher Beth Anderson was the mediator and asked the college students questions, as well as selected students from the audience to ask their own personal questions about “college life.”

“I think it is really important that students hear from current college students,” Anderson said.

When getting ready and thinking about college Anderson has some suggestions about what to do and to whom students should go to for advice.

“The student should do research and think about what he/she might want out of a school,” Anderson said. “Start casting some realistic goals about what schools you might want to attend and what is financially capable.”

If any students have any more questions about college or the college alumni, please contact Beth Anderson or a guidance counselor.

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