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Podcast: This I Believe by Will Bonnell



This I believe; what goes around does not always come around. I am not trying to be a pessimist, but I am simply a realist. Believing that every negative action has a repercussion is simply foolish.

I remember when I was in elementary school there was this one kid that was always really mean. He frustrated everyone and would constantly pick on other people. His language was very vulgar compared to that of most of us second graders. I found that I was annoyed by everything he did, but my friend Danny would say “Don’t worry about it. Everything he does will come back to him.”

Later that year, I saw this same kid bullying Danny on the playground. He threw a punch, pushed him on the ground, and was yelling at my poor friend. He ended up really hurting Danny both physically and mentally. The kid pleaded that Danny had “fallen.” I could not believe my ears. I was so shocked. The bully got a warning to stop picking on Danny, and we were astonished at this decision.

It was then that I realized that what goes around does not always come around. To some, it would be great if these actions would somehow affect the bully’s life, but I feel that even to bad people, we should not wish bad things. What goes around does NOT come around, and we shouldn’t believe or hope that these actions would come around.

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