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Podcast: This I Believe by Nathan Britt


I do not believe that people always learn from their mistakes because stupidity has become an epidemic in our society. People learn from the consequences of their actions and the consequences for wrong and immoral actions have become progressively lax. Life has become too easy for our generation. So many parents don’t even correct their children’s wrong behavior anymore; they encourage it. If behaviors are not corrected, how can one learn from their mistakes? Not only do the young people of the nation have issues with learning from mistakes, so does the government. You would think that after 80 some years of arguing over the same basic ideologies they would have found something that works. But here we are in 2012 arguing about the same general issues that existed in 1930. Some programs that were implemented worked, some didn’t. Politicians are even less capable of learning from their mistakes then regular people. Learning from your mistakes is a huge part of growing as a person. Our society will only become great again if people start learning from their mistakes.

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    Sarah Beth HowardMay 26, 2012 at 6:55 pm

    I almost completely disagree with this statement. People can learn because when a true authority, such as the law gets in the way, parents and students have to learn that what they did was a mistake. Also, actions done after a mistake does not determine if you learned or not. One can learn and do the same mistake again. It is just that they did not learn not to make the mistake. They might have learned how to make the mistake easier. And The government arguing about what to do is not a mistake. That is just the government not acting on a mistake that is not the easiest to correct. One person on capitol hill knows what to do, it is just that the other knuckleheads will not listen. One can learn from mistakes, but the fact that the actions may contradict that does not prove that even less.