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Podcast: This I Believe by Korrina Smith


I believe miracles do happen.  Whether it is something very small, or something that could be life changing, I think there are miracles happening around us everyday.

When I was in the third grade, I was sitting on the living room floor working on my homework.  I had an open three-inch binder on the floor, with the prongs opened up, and papers scattered around everywhere.  My dad was in the kitchen and he called my name for me to come for dinner.  I stood up and started to walk, but when I did this I accidentally stepped on one of the pieces of paper.  The paper slid a little causing me to fall down, face forward.  It wasn’t until I stood back up that I realized I had fallen onto the open binder and cut my face.  There was blood everywhere and it took a few minutes for it to actually start to hurt.  There was a cut going across my forehead, and one going across my eyelid.

When I went to the doctor, they used butterfly closures to seal the cuts.  The doctor told me how lucky I was that I blinked when I fell, because if I hadn’t, the prong in the binder could have cut my actual eye, or even worse poked it out.  If that had happened, there would have been permanent damage.

After all of this time, the scars that were left have slowly faded away, but eight years ago there was a miracle.  A miracle that saved me from losing sight in one of my eyes, and from this I believe miracles do happen.

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