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Podcast: This I believe by Danielle Marshall


This I believe that love conquers all. We grew up watching Snow White and Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty believing that only in fairy tales that love can conquer all. But I believe that love is not just meant for fairy tales.

In my life I have had the opportunity to get to meet one a person who I honestly have no clue what I would do without her. She is my best friend. We grew up together going to preschool and have remained friends ever since. Normally by this time friendships from preschool have not lasted and if they are they are distant, but not with us. Thorough the years we have over come an almost divorce, major family problems, and even her brother going into the army. We have never fought and never forgot how much the other one means to them.

I feel that without I would not be the person I am today. We have a type of love that can only be thought of through fairy tales. Love to many people is a word thrown around. The majority of the time when people say it they do not really feel it, but in some relationships, the lucky ones, they really mean that you would go to the end of the earth to do something for the other person. I feel that this is what I have found with my best friend. I would do anything for her.

When we are together it is almost like we are not too different people. We are just one person and in sync the entire time. Through the experiences we have had together, we have over come many struggles. I have had many family problems growing up and she has always been there to listen to my struggles and cried with me. When she came home from school one day and found that her dad was leaving it almost broke her and I was there to love her and just be supportive. Without each other I feel that we would have turned to other things as a source of our happiness.

Without a doubt she has helped me to become a better person and had loved me for who I am and what I have done. I cannot see her not being in my life, ever. Besides my parents, she is the first person that I have genuinely loved and cared about. And without this love that was felt between us I think each of us would have just crumbled. So no matter what the situation this I believe that love really does conquer all.

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    Sarah Beth HowardMay 26, 2012 at 7:03 pm

    This message may seem superficial, but it is the truth. Faith is a derivitive of Love. Trust, Kindness, and Friendship are all derivitives of Love. That is why there are so many unique bonds that are created in this world. And only you can discover it. Yes, Love is powerful, but it is not just the love of a couple. It is viewed in different degrees. Friendship is a type of love. Not the same as a marraige obviously, but it can be just as strong and supply different qualities that marraige does. Love is a basic need that we all need. Again I say not always like a couple, but a friendship can be that need. Just as the Love and unique bond of friendship between siblings.