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Podcast: This I Believe by Courtney Taylor


This I believe that killing is wrong; it hurts more than the person killed. Killing another is illegal and a selfish, cruel, thoughtless thing to do. It can leave a lasting impact on a family.

My dad and his brother Timmy were close growing up. They did everything brothers do. At only 24, my dad’s brother was robbed and killed.

As he was at home one day lying on a couch, someone broke in. They came and stole jewelry. Surprised to see someone in the house, the attacker grabbed a frying pan and hit Timmy on the head, knocking him out. The attacker was acting thoughtless and placed a higher value on a simple piece of jewelry over a life.

For over two weeks my dad and the rest of his family grieved as they watched Timmy survive only with the help of life support. Seventeen days after he was attacked, Timmy died. I don’t think any object is worth more than the life of a loved one.

Still to this day I hear about Timmy and what a great person he was. His murder was so undeserving. As the result of one selfish and horrendous act, me along with my four siblings don’t get to grow up with Uncle Timmy. This I believe that killing is wrong.


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