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Gamer’s Corner Review: Rhythm Heaven Fever

By Alex Crowder

With Mass Effect 3 coming out less than a month after its release, it’s no surprise that Wii game Rhythm Heaven Fever has fallen off gamer radars. However, to gamers who have been looking to boost their Wii libraries, a gamer could not find a better option.


Rhythm Heaven Fever is a game where the main goal is to stay in rhythm during various challenges. Each stage has a different, extremely catchy song and situation. You can go from an interview with a wrestler to playing golf with monkeys to a board meeting with pigs. The art style is enjoyable and usually colorful and bright, but also purposefully distracting from the beat you’re supposed to listen to. Each stage is a visual treat, and the music is truly a delight.


For people who like their game serious, action-packed, and story intensive, Rhythm Heaven Fever may not be for you. There is very little story in this game and what little exists comes in snippets. For what it lacks in hardcore gameplay and story, however, it comes with a ton of fun to be had with family and friends. Despite being at its core a single player game, Rhythm Heaven Fever is most fun when played with a group. Competing to get higher scores than your friends by knocking them off rhythm can be hilarious, and discovering new challenges and situations is always satisfying. While there is a multiplayer mode, it is not very extensive and you will find most enjoyment in the main single player game.


While Rhythm Heaven Fever may not be the most hardcore game, it’s definitely a fun one that I don’t regret picking up for my Wii library. If you’re just looking for a game to kill time or play with friends or family that’s not Mario Party, this is definitely a must-buy.

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  • M

    Megan JonsonMar 26, 2012 at 3:32 pm

    I, along with many others, also have a Wii console; however, I have never heard about this game. This article was very informational and helped me understand what the game was about and if it would be right for me. I think it is closely related to a combination between Just Dance or the Wii play games that come with your console or the extra games that involve playing fun little silly and short games. I think this article has it right when it says it would not be suitable for serious gamers but instead for families looking to have a fun night. It seems like this game has the possibility to appeal to adults as well as young children, making it perfect for families or anyone just looking to have fun with their friends.

  • J

    Jordan ThompsonMar 25, 2012 at 1:40 pm

    It seems to me that this game is similar to Just Dance or any other type of dancing game. I believe that the popularity of video games has decreased by far for I never play any those types of games anymore and do not know many people that still do. This article, however, was quite informative about the concepts developed in this game as well as the purpose of playing it. The vivid descriptions written also made the article more interesting. Another thing I like is that the Royal News always chooses to cover various topics, even the ones that most do not like to read about but you have to have something for everyone right?

  • A

    Amaya RayMar 23, 2012 at 7:06 am

    Rhythym Heaven Fever seems to be a fun game to play. I think we need more G rated games like these, that can be family oriented and clean. More families in America need to have a fun family night, and it seems like playing this game would do the trick.