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Chamber Singers Prepare For Concert

If you walk by the auditorium on any random virtual Friday, you mayhear something that you won't on any other day of the week. People singing.

Video: Class Scheduling, Teachers On Zoom, Coaches Adapt

https://vimeo.com/420452752 On this episode of PGTV NEWS the staff adapts to the Zoom world and brings you up to date on students...

Video: Champions Together Holds Luncheon

https://vimeo.com/374248421 Champions Together held a luncheon to allow students in a variety of classes to get together and better know one another.

Video: Football Defeats Thomas Dale 23-20

For the first time since 2000, the varsity football team has defeated Thomas Dale. The Royals took the lead in the 2nd half and held on to...

Class of 2019 visits elementary schools, receive awards on new senior day

On Wednesday, June 5th, the Class of 2019 experienced something that none of their previous classes have been able to do, and that is walk the halls...