Pro/Con: Should Women Be Allowed In Combat Roles?

Leon Panetta has recently decided to lift the 1994 ban on women in combat roles. Writers Faven Butler and John Shumar debate this question.

Social Network Posts Incriminate Students

With the growing popularity in social networking site Twitter, cyber bullying has increased as well. School administrations have started to have new policies so disciplinary actions may be taken...

Actor Joe Wiegand Brings President Roosevelt To Life

Roosevelt (portrayed by actor Joe Wiegand) has a mission to educate and inform history students about his life and tasks he accomplished as president. Students enjoyed his visit because it helped them realize the hardships and challenges of being the president.

Pro/Con: Should parents tell kids about Santa?

Santa Claus is an element of Christmas that has been a part of many youths' past. From the thoughts of the jolly elf climbing down the chimney to him eating some tasty cookies by the fireplace, the legend runs deep. Should parents tell the truth to children and at what age?