Football Vs. Thomas Dale

The Prince George Royals played the Thomas Dale Knights Friday, October 19th. The Knights defeated the Royals with a 34-14 final score.

Jeffrey Witt Loses 150 Pounds

Dr. Jeffrey Witt, a Probability & Statistics teacher at the high school, decided to change his lifestyle in 2008 in order to lose nearly half his body weight. Reporters...

Foreign Exchange Student Arrives

Reporters Robert McKinley, Sandra Grant, Corrine Marshall, and Kayla Cobb as well as producer Pooja Panchal introduce us to Nathan Lewden, the French foreign exchange student.

Sign Language Club Impacts Students

Reporters Joshua Talbert, Chris Clary, and Treyvon Brown as well as producer Jordan Nase give us an inside look at the sign language club, an organization dedicated to sharing...

AP Exams Test Student Knowledge, Skills

AP Exams are halfway over, with Friday, May 8, 2015, marking the end of the first week. PGTV Reporters Sarah Moore, Kaitlyn Cotcamp, Meade Wilson, Dakota Wilson, and Travis...