This I Believe… Kimberly Carneal

This I believe, a sisters bond is the strongest. My sister means everything to me. In fifteen years we have grown very close together. Sometimes I feel as if I need her more than she needs me. I have a fear of her moving on in life and leaving me behind. But this year she had an English assignment to write about a special relationship and she chose me.

This I Believe… Mariah Blystone

This I Believe by Mariah Blystone I believe love conquers all. I’m not talking about the romantic type of love, but rather the rare love in a friendship, the friendship...

This I Believe… Alison Brown

I believe in living without regrets. I believe it’s best to move on and forget about the “shoulda, coulda, woulda’s”. I believe that everything happens for a reason, whether it is immediately obvious or hidden and vague.