This I Believe

This is a series of personal reflections.

This I Believe… Jake McQuiggan

I believe that how you act in a crisis shows what kind of person you really are. In any crisis a person has a short time to react to the situation. A person must choose what they think is right or what will help them and keep them out of harms way. The decision that person makes defines who they are and where their morals stand.


This I Believe… Gabby Whittington

Everything happens for a reason. You meet the people you meet for a reason. You experience the things you do for a reason. You achieve the things you do for a reason, and the things you don’t achieve also have a reason behind them.


This I Believe… Ciara Ward

I never believed that money could buy happiness, until my mother convinced me otherwise. She always said that Benjamin Franklin was her best friend. She was a very moody shopper. When she was mad, she shopped. When she was sad, she shopped. And when she was upset, she shopped. Her motto was “If you aren’t going to make her happy, then Benjamin will.” Since I was a child I questioned whether shopping really changed her mood or if she could find true happiness at a store.


This I Believe… Alisha Holmes

This I believe, that words can hurt. Everyone knows the old saying, “sticks and stones can break my bones but words will never hurt me”. Well I can truly say that words can hurt way more than actual physical abuse does. Depending on the person and the situation words can play a role in how someone feels about them and eventually who they will become in society.


This I Believe… Olivia Tritschler

Life isn’t fair. This is a commonly used line by parents and children alike. Often used when one has to do something they would rather not do, or when one cannot do something they want to do. But these words hold truth.