Teen obesity continues to increase on national level

By Kim Carneal During teenage years the physical changes and the shaping of self-esteem can add stress to a person’s life. With the addition of obesity it can change...

Harassment extends to technological medium

By Cassie Smith Facebook and other social networking sites are becoming more and more prominent in high school and so are the problems that accompany them. Students have been personally affected...

Coach Butler Interview on Petersburg Game

Click below to hear Kevin Harris's interview about the upcoming football game.

Biodiesel project uses green technology to produce fuel

The production department continues to work on their biodiesel project in order to create fuel and educate students. Plans for this project have been in the works since 2006, and this upcoming school year the program has its own operational building.

Smoking rates hold steady despite awareness of negative consequences

Nicely packaged boxes in pink and green sit on the shelves behind store clerks. A teenager gives the money over to receive a nicotine high, removes the cigarette out of the cardboard box, and holds the flame to the tip of the roll, eager to feel the smoke inflate their lungs.