Political Science Club Holds Caucus

On Monday, February 24, the newly renewed Political Science Club held their first Democratic caucus. During the meeting, there were two of the...

IB Students Finalize End Of Year Projects

Five years of classes with the same people every year, vigorous projects, and a heavier workload finally comes to a close with the IB program’s final project.

Students Stay Home With Flu Virus

Coughing, runny noses, sore throats, and headaches are among the many symptoms of the Influenza that runs rampant in schools throughout the United states. 

New Voices Bill Opens Doors For Journalists

After preparing for a year to revisit the Virginia General Assembly, senior, Carter Marks feels excitement and relief as the Post Secondary and Higher Education committee passed...

Students Demand Diversity In Counseling Offices

In November of 2019 at Syracuse University in New York, several racial incidents occurred on the college campus. Students of color who attend the university were the...