Yearbook Staff Steps In For Candid Color On Portrait Day

By Kailey Garner Bustling around the bus loop on September 17, the yearbook staff took on portrait day in a new way. Usually, Candid...

Chamber Singers Prepare For Concert

If you walk by the auditorium on any random virtual Friday, you mayhear something that you won't on any other day of the week. People singing.

Chandler Fills Crucial Role In Collaborative Setting

As students walk down A-wing and file into her classroom, a new collaborative English 11 teacher awaits to teach unfamiliar faces. After graduating from...

New Library Media Center Addition Excited To Engage Readers

The morning of September 7th was a day full of anticipation for new librarian April Young, as she dropped off her four year-old son at daycare, and...

Halligan Brings Experience From Middle School Classroom

As halls fill with students rushing to their class, Monika Halligan stands at her door, ready to welcome her new students like she has many years before.