Key Club’s Annual Food Drive Delivers During Time Of Need

By Kaylaa' White It’s the day before cans are due, seniors Haley Hines, Ande Davis, Kassidy Reed, Mallory Thompson, and Kacy Figueroa are storming...

Bachelor Event Offers Night Of Celebration In Fundraiser

The smell of pizza drifts through the air as PGHS students fill the restaurant in preparation to see new faces through the PG Bachelor event.

PGTV Embraces New Classroom Dynamics

Staff Members Power Through Obstacles Caused by the Pandemic The PGTV staff begins a typical day by watching the Daily 10 before moving...

Chamber Singers Prepare For Concert

If you walk by the auditorium on any random virtual Friday, you mayhear something that you won't on any other day of the week. People singing.

Students Present Art At Annual Spring Fling

Art Club President Works With Department To Help Create Event By Maclay Cerney Kids of all ages run around, enjoying...