Future teacher Willard Andrews prepares with his instructor Storm Burks for the convention interview. Burks has been preparing each of his students to succeed.

As the minutes tick away, anxious students from the Teachers for Tomorrow class wait for their turn to be interviewed.

On January 16th, Principal Mike Nelson and Director of Secondary Education Stephanie Bishop met with and interviewed students from the Teachers for Tomorrow class. Teachers for Tomorrow is a class geared specifically toward students who are aspiring to become teachers in their future career. 

“We are trying to show how we want to be a teacher and how we would actually be as a teacher,” senior Willard Andrews said.

Students of this class have a chance to go to a conference with many teachers to get an insight into the teaching world, but due to limited spots, only a few students can be selected and these interviews were a way of deciding who deserved those spots.

Going into the interview, nerves were high. To relieve some stress, senior Kyleigh Naylor turned to fellow teachers and classmates to anticipate what to expect. 

“At first, I was nervous about my confidence level, but after having a discussion with Ms. Anderson and my other classmates, I really feel confident now to go through it,” Naylor said.

Once the student’s interviews began, it became evident that things would be less stressful than they expected. Coming out of the interview, many students felt very confident in their performances.

Though not all of them could make it, all of the teachers were proud of their fellow classmate senior Johnny Soto, when he was announced as the winner of the convention.

“I think my interview went really well,” Soto said. “I feel like I expanded on all of my answers, took my time on all my answers, and I got them to laugh which is always a good thing to alleviate some of the awkwardness in the room.”