Preece talks to her first block class about idioms.

With a new school year comes new students, administrators, and teachers. Change is an important part of everyday life. While it is sad to see those that are leaving Prince George go, new members of the high school bring new ideas and friendships with them.

One new teacher that has joined the English department this year is no stranger to the Prince George School Department. Noel Preece, the new 10th and 11th grade English teacher started out as a special education teacher and had chosen to return to the high school for the literature.

“I like literature, I like debating and arguing different themes and what different archetypes are all about. I found that fun,” Preece said.

Coming up on her 30th year teaching Preece is just as excited about returning to her high school post as she can be. For the past few years Preece has been teaching English at N.B Clements, but chose to move to 10th and 11th grade for this year.

“I have always enjoyed older teenagers that are on the cusp of independence and adulthood, and I just like the literature and the things that they are able to do and discuss and understand a little bit deeper the older they are,” Preece said.

With the new curriculum available to Preece, she has great expectations for her lessons this school year. Preece is also looking forward to the new books and readings that go along with the lessons. The Great Gatsby, The Crucible, and To Kill a Mockingbird are all in Preece’s plans waiting to be taught to the new generation of her teaching career.

“Gatsby… can you get a do over? That is the main point.. If you had the opportunity for a second round, would you take it?”, Preece said.