Nowadays, a majority of teens have a cell phone. Teens also have a lot of work to get done in their high school life. To make life easier for them, here is the top ten apps for students during this time of midterm assessments.

  1. Quizlet
    1. Quizlet is a free app that allows you to create and use other people’s study guides. The app has many different ways of study methods that applies to all types of learners like visual, audio, and kinesthetic.
  2. PhotoMath
    1. If you are having trouble with math, photomath is the number one app for learning. The app allows you to use your camera to solve problems, use a built in calculator, and even shows you step by step how to solve the problem. It can solve problems from arithmetic to calculus.
  3. IXL Math and English
    1. Another great app for math practice is IXL. It not only allows you to practice math problems, you may practice english too. The app has over 5,7000 different skills to learn and practice.
  4. Flora
    1. An app to keep you on task while you are trying to study is Flora. The app focuses on productivity and makes sure you do not go on your phone. In the app, you set a goal and plant a tree. The only way to keep the tree alive is to stay on the app and if you leave you kill your tree.
  5. Socratic
    1. Socratic is another photo based app in which you can take a picture a problem and it will solve it for you. It includes all subjects like math, science, chemistry, history, english, and economics. The app will give you explanations ands videos to help you learn how to do the problem yourself.
  6. Duolingo
    1. If you are struggling in your foreign language class, duolingo is a perfect app to help you out. You can practice listening and speaking of any of the free 30 languages to choose from.
  7. Exam Countdown
    1. Managing your time to study between tests is now easy thanks to this free countdown app. Exam countdown allows you to create reminders for tests or any important school work due.
  8. Evernote
    1. You can get easily organized with  Evernote. It allows you to input typed documents or scan documents in an quick accessible way. You can share and sync all your devices.
  9. SelfControl
    1. Procrastination is a big problem for students, but with SelfControl stray away from that. The app lets you block websites that are distracting you and place a timer until you can get back on them. You can access any website you have blocked until the timer runs out, so you have nothing to sidetrack you.
  10. HeadSpace
    1. Since teenagers are constantly stressed out all the time because of school work, Headspace is a great app to calm their nerves. The app includes guided meditations and mindfulness techniques perfect for a teen who needs to relax.