New Spanish teacher brings inspiration

Running around her new neighborhood on base, Patricia Wilson forgets everything in mind. As a teacher and military wife, Wilson is new here to Prince George.
Starting out at Georgia Southern University, Wilson has now been teaching for 19 years. With her husband now stationed at Fort Lee, she is planting her roots here and is now teaching languages classes.
“I chose to be a teacher because I was an ESL kid so I wanted to make sure other students had someone in their school,” Wilson said.
An ESL [english second language] student takes the class to better their english and their learning of other classes. Wilson is a certified ESL instructor but she is teaching spanish III here at the high school.
Wilson can relate to the students because with the craziness of all the changes here, she is used to it.
“I’m originally from the Dominican Republic but I don’t really have a home town because my dad joined the military as soon as we got here [the United States],” Wilson said. Wilson now moves every 2-4 years with her husband.
That means Wilson can relate to the military or military-affected students that make up approximately ⅕ of the student population at the high school.
Being new to any environment can be difficult but Wilson adjustes fast. “The negatives is you are new and have to learn the school all over again,” Wilson said. “But the positive is you can influence kids and can bring new vibes to the school.”
A teacher can bring a certain feel to a classroom that can help students feel more comfortable and therefore more open to learn.
With this school year flying by, Wilson has promising plans.
“I look forward to a smooth year, inspiring kids to learn a second language, and… a successful year,” Wilson said.