The spring sports season may not start for a few more days but the athletes have been busy preparing already. The following is a soundslide showing you what the baseball players have been doing.


  1. I liked the idea to do coverage over conditioning for a sport. The baseball team knows hard work pays off. The coaching staff is great and constantly has a vision; rather it be individual achievements for a player or a district title

  2. I liked this! Its good to see that conditioning is not forgotten because usually when covering sports only games or individuals are covered. It also is a good way to learn about what goes into getting in shape for a sport’s season.

  3. I really liked this. It was a good representation of conditioning and it showed that the guys out there really worked hard. I didn’t know that conditioning started right after thanksgiving

  4. I also think it is a good idea to cover conditioning, since it shows how much work players have to put in, even before the season starts. The quotes and pictures are also really good.

  5. Our players works really hard. Playing a spring sport really requires conditioning because you have had the whole winter off. Athletes should take advantage of conditioning.

  6. This really shows off the hard work that goes behind becoming a successful team. I really enjoyed watching this and it really kept my attention.

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