This post was recorded live on December 8th at PGHS. The match was between Petersburg, Colonial Heights and Prince George.


  1. Looks painful. What more can I say? But regardless of all the pain, the wrestlers love this sport. Besides the wrestlers wrestling, the referee also caught my interest. I didn’t know referees had to move like that on the mat to make calls, but I guess it’s to see what the wrestlers are doing.

  2. This live recording is really cool and a good idea, it would be cool if this was continued for other sports as well, it lets people who can’t make it to the games still be able to see them.

  3. The idea is great to expand knowledge for other sports. Maybe now we could try to make a live broadcasting for other sports. The idea is for sports that don’t get that much recognition or when two teams have games at the same time one could be broadcasted.

  4. This is really cool! It looks painful, but this is neat for students who do not get to attend the sporting events. I think TRN is bringing great sources of multimedia to our school. Studets will really enjoy being able to watch from home.

  5. The Prince George wrestling team did awful this year. Matoaca crushed PG and Metabrook at the tournament I went to. I’m not much of a wrestler myself; I wrestled for a couple of years and did awful. Better luck next year haha.

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