1. This was really good! I think the idea of Powderpuff is pretty cool and it’s always fun to watch. I had wish I could have been picked to participate this year, but I guess I have next year!

  2. I never watched girls playing football before, but after seeing Powderpuff I can’t express what I’m feeling. They really tried to make this seem very legit and official. I can see markers off on the sideline and I think I can see the referee. It is a pleasure to see Mr. Ricks there too.

  3. Go Seniors 2011!! I enjoyed playing powder puff this year. It got intense. The commentating was great also. The video is very well put together. I like the way the video is cropped into a quick recap like as seen on espn sports center. The video even caught my amazing block from the QB position (#12 all day).

  4. Powderpuff had a pretty good turn out I loved being able to see everyone all dressed up. You can tell that everyone took a bit of time practicing for this.

  5. This brings back some really intense memories! This is great footage and I know the class of 2012 will be winning this next year.

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