By Michael Winn

On Wednesday, Oct. 27th the Boys & Girls Varsity Central District Cross Country Championship took place at Battlefield Park in Petersburg. The Prince George Girls Varsity Cross Country team came in first with 43 points. Colonial Heights (64) and Matoaca (66) finished second and third respectively.

The top runner for Prince George was Emily Marshall in second place with a time of 21:25. In sixth was Diana Owens with a time of 22:14, in seventh was Rochelle Rawls at 22:24, and in tenth place was Melissa Tomlin with 23:2 .

On Wednesday, Oct. 27th the Boys Varsity Cross Country took fourth with 97 points. The other teams placed as Colonial Heights (84) in third, Thomas Dale (43) in second, and Matoaca taking first place at 34 points.

The results placed Prince George runner, Brandon Parson, in 11th place with a time of 18:53. In sixteenth place was Andrew Beehler with a time of 19:28, and in 21st and 22nd were Jeremy Roberson and Antony Almeida. Roberson ran a time of 20:28 and Almeida 20:36.


  1. I am extremely impressed with our CC team. They are very dedicated to their sport and they most definitely deserve this title (the girls). This is inspiration to a fellow runner that we can succeed.

  2. Prince George is doing extremely well in sports so far this year. The Prince George Girls Varsity Cross Country team came in first with 43 points and the Boys Varsity Cross Country took fourth with 97 points! That’s amazing everyone! Keep up th good work!

  3. That was a great meet to watch. Emily’s finish was quite impresive and pretty funny. The Boys team did really good as well, Andrew Beehler catually ran a 10 mile race for the Fort Lee 1o miler team 3 days before and still ran a 19:28 5k which says alot about his ability as a runner.

  4. The Cross Country team is extremely impressive. Most people do not understand the sheer dedication and tediousness that goes into participating in Cross Country. I am involved in Marching Band, while we are practicing, we see the cross country team members running laps. Repeatedly. Good Job CC Team.

  5. I really appreciate the coverage of the cross country team because they are under rated. Once the seniors of Cross Country graduate we expect the legacy to continue. I give lots of credit to the girl who was out at the race in the cold trying to get good pictures of us. One picture cannot show the amount of sweat, tears, and hard work was put in throughout the season for any sport.

  6. I have a great respect for cross country runners. I personally am not a fan of running. I have never enjoyed it. It takes a kind of endurance that not many people have or really care to have. So congradulations to the cross country team!

  7. Maybe this victory will inspire our boys to do better in the competitions. If you could update the article with the distances that the teams ran, then that would be nice. Congratulations to both PG teams and good luck in future competitions.

  8. I’m not much of a runner AT ALL so I have huge respect for our team’s victory. This would be so difficult for me; it hurts just thinking about it. Congratulations to everyone on the team who worked hard and succeeded!

  9. It’s always nice to hear about Prince George winning in sports, congratulations to the Girls CC team and hopefully their victory will inspire our other sports teams to strive for success.

  10. I am really proud of all of our cross country runners. They must have a lot of endurance and satmina to do so well. I wish I could have that kind of skill, great job ladies, keep up the good work 🙂

  11. Our CC team is amazing! They are always running and pushing themselves. It amazes me during field hockey that I run one perimeter in the time that they run three 🙂 Keep it up!

  12. I am so glad our Cross Country teams are getting the recognition they deserve. All to often sports like Cross Country get pushed aside in favor of more popular sports like football. I am proud of our girls for doing so well!

  13. Congrats to all of the PG Cross Country runners. I know I couldn’t have done it. Running is definitely not my forte. But it’s always good to see Prince George taking a win for any sport. Great job guys…and girls too of course!

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