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TRN STAFF 2012-2013

Amanda Majewski ’13, Editor-in-Chief


Amanda Majewski is a senior and has been on the school newspaper since she was a sophomore. She is now Editor-in-Chief of theRoyalNews. She would like to go to Longwood University to become an elementary teacher.





Tasia Faulcon ’13, Managing Editor


Tasia Faulcon is a member of the class of 2013. She is also the front page editor andmanaging editor of theRoyal News.She has been a part of the Royal News staff since 2010 and truly enjoys it. She would like to go to VCU to study to become a dental hygienist. Be sure to check out her front pages all year long! You can email her at [email protected]





Ridhi Patel ’13, Photo Editor


Ridhi Patel is a member of the class of 2013. She has been a member of The Royal News staff for three years. She is the photo and staff editor. Her dream is to go to VCU and become a radiologist.






Danielle Marshall ’14, Doubletruck Editor


Danielle Marshall is a second year journalism student, and the editor of the doubletruck  for The Royal News. She is involved in theater and is the choreographer for theatre productions at N.B. Clements Junior High. Follow her on twitter @theRealDaniRaye and email her at either [email protected].





Courtney Taylor ’14, TRNSPORTS.ORG Editor


Courtney Taylor is a junior and a second year journalist. She is the editor. Courtney enjoys playing soccer for her travel team and the school team. She can be emailed at [email protected].






Nathan Britt ’13, Opinions Editor



Senior Nathan Britt is the Op/Ed editor.  He is a second year journalism student who has an interest in politics.  He hopes to attend either the University of Virginia or the University of Richmond to study public policy.




Faven Butler ’13, Features Editor


Senior Faven Butler is a second year journalism student and the Features editor for the Royal News. She hopes to attend college for pharmacology.





Korrina Smith ’13, Online Editor



Korrina Smith is a senior and is a second year journalism student.  She is the online editor of  Korrina is going to attend Longwood University with aspirations to become a teacher.




Kristen Schwalm ’13, Sports Editor



Senior Kristen Schwalm is the sports editor for the Royal News and has been on the staff for 2 years.  In her free time she enjoys playing soccer and spending time with her family.  In the near future she plans on attending a four year university.




Deborah Gardner ’14, A&E Editor


Junior Deborah Gardner is a second year journalism student and the A&E editor for the Royal News. She plays basketball for the Royals in addition to running track.





Chloe Alexander ’13, Ads Editor


Senior Chloe Alexander is a second year journalism student and the Ads editor for the Royal News. She was recognized by Virginia High School League in 2012 for her article on the Biodiesel Project at PGHS.





Tiana Kelly ’14, Photo & Ampersand Editor



Tiana Kelly is a junior and a second year media student.  She is the photo and ampersand editor.




Christina Buckles ’14, Social Media Editor



Junior Christina Buckles is the Social Media Manager for the Royal News on Facebook and Twitter.  She enjoys running, music, and traveling.  She plans on attending UVA.




Casey Overton ’14



Junior Casey Overton is a second year journalism student and a contributing news writer.  Overton hopes to go to Ohio State University to begin her career in Public Relations.  She can be contacted by email [email protected].




Genevieve Perez ’13


Genevieve Perez is a senior in her first year of journalism, and is a writer for the The Royal News. Her interests include listening to all kinds of music, reading, and baking sweets. You can contact her through her email [email protected].





Kolade Olanrewaju ’14


Kolade Olanrewaju is a member of the class 2014. He is currently a first year writer for The Royal News. His dream is to go to UNC, Chapel Hill and major in pre-med. Olanrewaju enjoys playing sports, mainly soccer and wishes to go pro. Follow him on twitter @itsKolade.





Roxy Sherrick ’15, Writer



Roxy Sherrick is a sophomore who is actively involved in the school as well as extracurriculars.  She plays tennis and is involved with numerous clubs in the school, while also being in the IB program.  Outside of school she plays the piano, and is involved in her church as well.




Mallory Cox ’15, Writer



Mallory Cox is a sophomore and a first year journalism student on the TRN staff. She enjoys reading, writing, and playing softball.  In her free time, she likes spending time with her family and friends and playing video games.  You can contact her at [email protected].




JoJo Taylor ’15, Writer


Sophomore JoJo Taylor is on the TRN staff for her first year. She enjoys playing sports, especially soccer and basketball. Her dream is to play a sport for her college. She can be contacted by email at [email protected]





Lindsay Pugh ’15, Writer



Sophomore Lindsay Pugh is a first year journalism student on the TRN staff. She has been on a newspaper staff since the sixth grade. She loves to read, write, act, and sing loudly. Pugh can be contacted at [email protected].




John Smith ’15, Writer


Sophomore Blier Smith is on the TRN staff for his first year and plays baseball for the school. He aspires to go to college in state. Smith is interested in architecture and wants to study engineering at Virginia Tech. He enjoys all sports, movies, and spending time with family and friends.




Devan Fishburne ’15, Writer



Devan Fishburne is a sophomore in the IB program and a first year journalism student for TRN. Fishburne enjoys playing tennis and relaxing all day. Fishburne aspires to pursue a career in Real Estate .





Debra Thomas ’15, Writer




Sophomore Debra Thomas is a print one journalism student.



Angelica ’15, Writer



Angelica Martinez is a sophomore who enjoys playing with the Marching Band.  In her spare time, she participates in martial arts.  You can contact her at [email protected].




Sarah Daniel ’15, TRN Writer



Sophomore Sarah Daniel is a first year member of the TRN staff. She plays varsity softball, and is part of Beta, FCA, IB, and Spanish club. Her dream would be to play softball for Virginia Tech. Follow her on twitter @Daniel_Sarah09 or contact her at [email protected]