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Staff Profile: Sweaty Palms – Story of Willow Hart

IMG_2547Her palms were sweaty and she could barely hold the pick, as she performed in front of a Sunday morning church crowd. She focused on the beat and nothing else.

Senior Willow Hart has been playing the guitar for three years now. It was an activity for her and her grandfather to spend time together. Also, liking the sound of the musical instrument, Willow started playing regularly.

Starting out with a Guitar Works brand guitar, she realized she needed an upgrade. Willow saved up and bought a Martin for herself.

“My favorite place to practice is in my room on my rolley chair,” Hart said.

Practicing three or four days before her first show, she began to get nervous. Playing her familiar chords most of the time on stage, she lets instincts take over while performing.

Now, playing every Sunday morning and entering the Youth praise band, Willow can entertain just about any crowd.

Hart plans to get better and better, this being a hobby she enjoys. Not looking to make playing a career, she will definitely continue to play the instrument she loves.

“I’m good now, but someday I will be great.”